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Team Work

 Recently, we've been doing a lot of team work. Some people think it is beneficial to the team members, while others oppose to it. what do you think? Write  a paragraph (70 ) words to express your opinion.

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  2. In my opinion, teamwork can be very beneficial to all the team members, but it depends on some conditions .For example: all the team members have to be active during the work, the members have to be serious and patient so then all the members will manage to deal their misunderstanding. Teamwork helps us to understand each of our mistakes.In addition; in teamwork there are some brains that working, therefore, it becomes easy to learn things when each pupil brings its knowledge.

  3. well, i dont think its benifical.
    some pupils dont really try hard and they arent serious, and that fails the whole team.
    i think that we should practice in teams, but have the effect of one member at the whole team lower.
    practicing together makes it easy, fun and the precision is higher.
    if a pupil dont care about the quiz and doesnt think he should work for the team, he should be banned because its not anyone's fault except for his if he fails.

  4. In my opinion, team work might be both useful and unuseful, it depends on the group. It can be unhelpful if a member of the grout is being unserious and thinks he can to what ever he wants. On the other hand, if the whole group is working appropriately, there is no reason for the system not to work. I think that in order to make team work a success, everyone must take part in it and try to help and not interupt.

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  6. Team Work –Writing

    Recently, we've been doing a lot of team work, I think it is very beneficial because of few reasons. One of the reasons is helping each other, by team work each team member can help another, all the team members share their knowledge and everyone can get their Knowledge about the subject greater.
    The second reason is enjoyment; learning doesn't have to be boring.
    By team work learning can be funnier, learning with friends is funnier in my opinion than learning alone.
    To sum up I strongly believe that team work is beneficial.

  7. I believe, that team work it is unbeneficial. The team work depends on a lot of pupils and some of them are not serious and do not want to do the work. They do not want to work hard for the quizzes because they know that they have good grades in the big tests, so they don’t need to work so hard. For example when someone tries to work with the team, some pupils laugh and do unserious things. Finally I think that team work does not help the pupils.

    אור ברוכים

  8. Recently, we've been doing a lot of team work. Some people think it is beneficial to the team members.
    I agree with that statement because in my opinion working togther help each other to discover his weak places in the subject so he can ask what he does not realise. furthermore working togther is a really good practice before the quiz and by learning togther you can study the material in a quicker and qualitativer way
    and the chances of the team to success is higher and if you did it you get 10 points bonus which can really improve your grade

  9. I oppose to the idea of team work. Although some say that this way of learning is very beneficial and helpful to the team member. I think it has more negative than positive effects. When several people try to work together it is very difficult to concentrate because the team members start to talk to each other about other issues that have no connection with the subject they have to discuss. Second, there is usually one pupil who is the "leader" of the group and he is the one to do the whole work or give tasks for the other members. Sometimes it can hurt somebody's feelings and cause arguments which form the unproductive atmosphere and make the result less successful.

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  11. Recently we've been doing al lot of team work. There are a lot of benefits to team work. Everybody donates their knowledge and help the others team members. But I think tests and quizzes should examine our own knowledge, and we should get our own grade. Not less or more. I think what's beneficial in the team work that we've been doing is the preparation for the quiz and not the grade method. I prefer to get my own grade weather it's low or high. In addition everyone of us fails sometimes, I don't think that because of one team member's failure every body should suffer, and get lower grades. I don't want that the team members will be depend on me, I don't want to fail and then be accused because everyone got lower grade because of me.
    For sum I think that team study is very helpful and beneficial as long as the grades are individual.

  12. I don't think it is bad though I don't think it's good
    I mean, sometimes I get to learn more while working in groups, because I'm able to learn from others mistakes about the subject.
    That helps me to get good grades.
    On the other hand, sometimes one group member ruins it for the team and fails. That way, the control of my grade is not a hundred presently mine.

    It's Kesem, I wrote it from my mom's computer

  13. In my opinion team work can be beneficial to the team members and not helpful for several reasons. The team work can be beneficial when the team members try to help try to help each other to understand batter the subject we learn, but when our grades are influenced by other grades of the group members it's more pressure in the quiz, and we think only about the others group member's grades, and it's not really shows how much we personally understand the subject we studied, it shows how the group understood the subject that we have learned and because of this we fail. Sometimes some members of the group are not serious and they don't want to learn well the subject. In conclusion I think the team work is not helpful.

  14. Recently, we've been doing a lot of team work. Some people think it is beneficial to the team members, while others oppose to it. I think that team work is not beneficial, for some reasons.
    The first, there is an awful lot of mess and noise, and it is very hard to understand the material. Plus, not everyone is in the same exercise, and there are some people for whom the material is harder, and they make the team do the same exercise again.
    The second is that learning by yourself can take much less time than learning with other people.
    All in all learning in teams is not as efficient as learning alone.

    (Tomer Basin)

  15. Have you ever worked in a team? Do you believe that team work is effective for your studies? I strongly believe that team work is useful. First, students can help each other. Furthermore, studying together is more interesting and fun. Second, if the team has to do many things, the work load is divided among the students.
    To conclude, team work brings about the result required and interesting for all.
    (Paz Israel)

  16. Recently, we've been doing a lot of team work. Some people think it is beneficial to the team members, while others oppose to it. In my opinion the team work is beneficial, but it has also disadvantage. It is beneficial when the students in the team learn together & help each other to know the material, help to other understand his mistake & discussing about it makes us understand better. It's also improve our class' collaboration. but the fact that The fact that our grades depend on the grades of the rest of the group is unfair, & every student supposed to get his own grade.
    To sum up, I think team work is useful, as long as each student receives his grade without being dependent on other grades of other members of the group.

    Leshem Shirgauker :)

  17. Recently, we've been doing a lot of team work. Some people think it is beneficial to the team members. I agree with them because working in groups gives you a chnce to know better the subject , by asking your members questions. Also almost everyone pass the tests, wich gives all the members more points. For conclusion i find working i groups very helpful for lots of reasons.

  18. In my opinion work team has benefits but at the same time it has it's own disadvantages. The benefits are that the members of the team give each other the best defenition of how to answer correctly the answers, and give more time to understand the subject. However the disadvantage is that everyone wants to get his own grade in the test, without being dependent on each others knowledge,and not feel bad if you got low grade and that everyone will be mad at you. It bad because when people learn at home the subject in quietly than person understan the material much better.
    so in conclusion I object to work in groups.

  19. In my opinion team work is beneficial to the team members. First, when you work in team you can learn from the other team members. Maybe something that hard for you might be easy for someone else and he can help you. The second reason is that working in teams can be also fun. You can work with your friends and learn in way that not boring. To sum up, I think that team work is good and successful.

  20. In my opinion,team work means failure.
    why? because of two main reasons that literally destroy the attempt to learn something or study for something.
    First,while working in a team'you are beind distracted by useless conversation between the team mates,which destroy the focus that should be while studying.
    Second , in a team you are depending on your team mates ,and if they dont care about what is going on in the team,or don't think about the consequences of them disturbing the team or interuppting the studing process and cause the whole team's failure.

  21. In my opinion, teemwork is very harmful from some reasons. First, the teemwork affects your level of understanding to the bad side because there are a lot of teem members and it is hard to answer each and every question in the limited time. Secondly, the teemwork affects your grades because students who didn't learn will get an F and will low the grades of all the members of the group. Thats why I think that the best way of studying is individual.

    (Mikhal Alkhazov)

  22. i think that team work is not that good. my reason for thinking that are, first of all, the big rift between the grades in the team. I mean that one person with low grade can ruin the average of the whole team and students that worked hard and got good grades are getting hurt from that. secondly, I don't think that anyone's grades shuld'nt be depend in nobody but himself !
    BY Ron Azuelos

  23. In my opinion team work isn't beneficial to the team members from some reasons. one reason is that in the teem work not all the team members taking a part of the work and the rest of the team need to work harder to complete the work. another reason is that not all the ideas can be include in the final project and the members with those ideas are getting hurt because of it. this is the reason why i object team work.

    adi pinker <3

  24. in my opinion team work is good for some reasons:
    first, it helps you to get to know more people and meet new people and do with them something together, and these people can help you if you dont understend something. second whith team work, your work will be much faster and benefitial then if you do the work by yourself.
    in conclusion i think that team work is good because the results will be better.

  25. In my opinion, work in teams can be very beneficial, in condition if the data of the group composition matched with some criterions.
    I think that the most important thing that has to be in the group is cooperation.
    This way, everybody can supplement the words of the other, and help those who haven’t understood the subject of the lesson.
    One more important thing, which has to be in the team, is a willing to learn. If somebody doesn’t want to learn, even the most talented and smart people
    Won’t be able to teach him something.
    Therefore, I think that if the members of the group don’t want to cooperate and don’t have motivation, the work in there team can not be beneficial.

  26. I think taemwork is good for some reasons.
    first,teamwork keeps us togethor, as we work as a team, one with each other, we get close, and as we get closer we become friends, and in a class or an orginization, for keeping it working and efficient, we have to be friends. without friendship the work will not get done.

    further more, teamwork makes us happy, if we work togethor and feel like wr give a part from ourselfes to another, its makes us feel good, and ofcourse, when you work as a team, you also get and not only give, which can make you feel even better and even more efficient.

    for conclusion teamwork keep us friendly and efficient, for us to get the work done.

    Mor Alafrangi

  27. In my opinion the concept of team work is beneficial for students because of the following. Then people work in groups, each person can express his/her opinion, which make the answer to be more likely to be right. For second a person which works by himself, works on much slower pace then a group of people can work. For conclusion team work can be much more benefical than working on your own.

  28. In my opinion work team may be beneficial, as long as it is done correctly.
    On the one hand, when all of the teammates have the motivation and the will to cooperate the may achieve good results. The teammates may rely on their friends to help them when they are not doing well and thus everybody wins.
    On the other hand, working alone has its own advantages. When one works alone he doesn’t have to rely on others to get the job done. Working solo develops independence among other things.
    To sum up, there is probably no clear answer to that question and I believe anyone should work the way he prefers.

  29. Writing - Team Work

    Recently, we've been doing a lot of team work. Some people think it is beneficial to the team members. I agree with that. First, in my opinion, working as a team makes the work much easier, number of brains that work together are better than one brain only. Secondly, I think team work makes all the partners feel more confident and it also makes the work a lot more fun.
    To sum up, working as a team is a better way to work and to get the highest grade for the work.

    Itay Reznik