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Day 11

Part 1

a) Translate the following words:









Make a decoy






b) "Dad was in the doghouse for a long time after that one"….Poor Dad?:)

Explain what really happened.

Part 2

Why does Greg think his Dad is different from other dads?

What does his mom like doing in her free time?

Why is Greg's dad not happy when Rowley comes over?

Part 3

Do you parents have the same interests? What are they?

Part 4

What are your hobbies?

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Day 10

Part One

Translate the following words:


go after

three years running

way back






be into somebody

come around to liking

used to be

stick with somebody


move up the ladder

figure out

get a hold



Answer the questions:

Part Two

1. How did Christine Coolidge upset Greg?

2. Who was the most popular kid in the third grade? What made him popular?

3. Give one fact that proves that Bryce Anderson is the most popular kid in class.

4. What does Greg find the most annoying about Bryce being so popular?

5. What are Slam books? What doesn't Greg like about them?

6. Why can't Greg start a Slam Book?

Part Three

Do you have Slam Books or any other ways to rate popularity? Describe them.

Part Four

Think back to elementary school. What kids were the most popular then? How have things changed?

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Turn the sentences into passive voice

  1. They didn’t give me the money.
  2. Has anybody told you what to do?
  3. People believe that the company is losing a lot of money.
  4. We added up the money and found out that it was correct.
  5. I’m afraid we have sold all our copies but we have ordered more.
  6. We know that the expedition reached the South Pole in May.
  7. He likes people to call him “sir”.
  8. They expect the weather will be good tomorrow.
  9. Don’t touch this switch.
  10. It is impossible to do this. (use can’t)
  11. We don’t allow smoking.
  12. I think they should have offered Tom the job
  13. They urged the government to create more jobs.
  14. You will have to get someone to see it.
  15. You have to see it to believe it

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Practice #1 Gerunds and Infinitives

Complete the sentence with the correct form (infinitive or gerund) of the verb.

1. I intend _________ to Brazil in August. (go)

2. I arranged _________ my vacation during the last two weeks. (take)

3. I considered __________ to Venezuela or Argentina first. (go)

4. But I decided _________ them for next year. (leave)

5. The government has demanded me ________ a visa to go to Brazil. (get)

6. That involves _________ in a long line at the consulate. (stand)

7. I didn't mind ________ the $45 fee. (pay)

8. But I hate _______ in lines. (wait)

9. I also detest _________ passport photos. (get)

10. I really want ________ the country, so I did it. (see)

11. I haven't begun _________ yet. (pack)

12. I'll start soon because I can't stand ________ in a rush. (pack)

13. I remembered _________ my neighbor to take care of my dog. (ask)

14. He doesn't really mind _________ behind. (stay)

15. But he always loves ________ us come back! (see)

Practice #2 Gerunds and Infinitives

Complete the sentences with the correct form (infinitive or gerund) of the verb.

Early automobiles

Many inventors were trying ________ gas-powered, self-propelled

vehicles in the late 1800's. A French inventor succeeded in

________ a steam-powered tricycle in 1769. A German engineer,

Nikolaus August Otto, is known for _________ the four-stroke

gas-powered engine in 1876. Both Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz

managed ________ and _______ autos in Germany in the 1880s.
build sell

By 1898 there were 50 companies responsible for ________ cars in

the United States alone. That number happened __________ to

241 by 1908. It was in 1908 when Henry Ford started _____ make

history. It was in that year that he managed ________ together the

first assembly line and _______ the price of automobiles so that

everyone could buy one. He began ________ arrange

workers so that they could each do a small part of the job in sequence. This prevented ________ repeat

a lot of unnecessary steps in the assembly process. By 1913 he managed

________ 250,000 cars a year. His first mass-produced car, the

Model T, guaranteed ______ modest-incomed Americans decent

transportation for a reasonable ($500 USD!) price.

Henry Ford went on ________ the U.S. automobile industry for

many years. Though he tried, he failed ________ elected to

the U.S. Senate in 1918. His company was started with just $28,000

and, by 1913, managed ________ dividends of $11 million.

While Ford declined _______ away more than a modest amount

during his lifetime, the Ford Foundation arranges ________

millions of dollars each year to deserving causes.

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Part 1

Translate the following:


Lose one's mind

Make a huge racket


Pipe down


Have a fit

Answer the questions:

Part 2

1. What upsets Manny? Give two examples.

2. What is "sibling rivalry"? (find the definition) What are its main causes and solutions? (in your opinion)

Part 3

1.Read the article:


2. Complete the chart



Middle child

Youngest child

3.Check whether Rodrick, Greg and Manny possess the qualities attributed to them in the article.

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Active or Passive Quiz

1 I ate a piece of chocolate cake.

2 The librarian read the book to the students.

3 The money was stolen.

4 They are paid on Fridays.

5 The movie is being made in Hollywood.

6 I washed my car three weeks ago.

7 His hair was cut by a professional.

8 I will introduce you to my boss this week.

9 It would have been fixed on the weekend.

10 The national anthem is being sung by Jason this time.

Active to passive Transformations

1. They make shoes in that factory.

Shoes ____________________in that factory.

2. People must not leave bicycles in the driveway.

Bicycles _______________________________ in the driveway.

3. They built that skyscraper in 1934.

That skyscraper ______________________ in 1934.

4. The students will finish the course by July.

The course____________________________ by July.

5. They are repairing the streets this month.

The streets ____________________________this month.

6. They make these tools of plastic.

These tools ______________________________of plastic.

7. They have finished the new product design.

The new product design______________________________ .

8. They were cooking dinner when I arrived.

Dinner____________________________________________ when I arrived.

9. Smithers painted 'Red Sunset' in 1986.

'Red Sunset' _______________________________________in 1986 by Smithers.

10.Did the plan interest you?

___________________________________ in the plan?

11.They had finished the preparations by the time the guests arrived.

The preparations ________________________________by the time the guests


12.You should take care when working on electrical equipment.

Care _________________________________when working on electrical


13.They are going to perform Beethoven's Fifth Symphony next weekend.

Beethoven's Fifth Symphony ____________________________________________

next weekend.

14.Someone will speak Japanese at the meeting.

Japanese_________________________ at the meeting.

15.Karen is going to prepare the refreshments.

The refreshments ___________________________________ by Karen.

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Day 8
Part 1
Translate the following words:
bunch of other stuff
save up
until the coast is clear
on full blast
get stiffed

Answer the following questions:

Part 2
Why was Greg mad?
Why did he want his own TV?
How did he try to make some money?
Why did his plan fail?

Part 3
Have you ever had a job?

Part 4
Write a conversation between Greg and the Roses when they got back home?

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leap of imagination


take for granted

charged with assault





range of occupations









passage of law

Women in the 19th century

It takes a considerable leap of the imagination for a woman of the 21st century to realize what her life would have been like had she been born 150 years ago. We take for granted nowadays that almost any woman can have a career if she applies herself. We take for granted that women can choose whether or not to marry, and whether or not to have children, and how many.

Women of the mid-19th century had no such choices. Most lived in a state little better than slavery. Girls received less education than boys, were barred from universities, and could obtain only low-paid jobs. Barred from all well-paid work women were forced into a very small range of occupation. Almost the only skilled work for women was in clothing trade, but even that was ill-paid and low-status.

Emmeline Pankhurst – Suffragette

Emmeline Pankhurst (1858 - 1928) was the British suffrage leader who led the movement to win the vote for women in Britain.

In 1889 Mrs Pankhurst was one of the founders of the Women's Franchise League. Five years later the league succeeded in promoting the passage of a law granting women the right to vote in local elections. In 1903, she founded the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU).

On 13 October, 1905, Christabel Pankhurst and Annie Kenney attended a meeting in London to hear Sir Edward Grey, a minister in the British government. When Grey was talking, the two women constantly shouted out, 'Will the Liberal Government give votes to women?' When the women refused to stop shouting, the police were called to evict them from the meeting. Ms Pankhurst and Ms Kenney refused to leave and during the struggle, a policeman claimed they kicked and spat at him. The two women were arrested and charged with assault.

For the first time in Britain women had used violence in an attempt to win the vote. Members of the WSPU now became known as suffragettes.

In July 1913 attempts were made by suffragettes to burn down the houses of two members of the government who were opposed to women having the vote. These attempts failed, but soon afterwards, a house being built for David Lloyd George, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, was badly damaged by suffragettes.

The beginning of World War I in 1914 prompted Mrs Pankhurst and the WSPU to cease their campaign and devote themselves to war work.

Mrs Pankhurst died in London on 14 June, 1928, a few weeks after British women were granted full voting rights. Her legacy is that each and every female in the country, once attaining the age of 18 years, has the right to vote in political elections.

Answer the questions:

  1. What do the Women's Franchise and the the Women's Social and Political Union have in common. Name TWO things.

a) _____________________________________________________

b) _____________________________________________________

  1. According to par 3 Christabel Pankhurst and Annie Kenney were found innocent. YES/ NO

Copy the expression to justify your answer.

  1. WSPU was originally violent. YES/NO
  2. Copy the expression to justify your answer.
  1. Why was David Lloyd George mentioned?

  1. Paraphrase paragraph 6.

  1. What is the main result of Emmeline Pankhurst's fight?

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Day 7

Part 1

Translate the following words:

potty trained



hatch a plan

muff up



step in

Part 2

Answer the questions:

1. What is unusual about the way Manny has his breakfast?

2. What's the worst about this habit?

3. What's Greg's plan about reading groups? Name TWO things

4. What's the difference between the groups? Name TWO things.

5. How long is the end-of-the year essay?

6. What did Greg write about?

7. Why did his plan not work?

8. What did Greg learn from Rodrick?

9. Why was Greg happy his plan didn't work?

Part 3

1. What do you think the book "Bink Says Boo." Is about?

2. Do you believe it is a good idea to set people's expectations low? Explain your point of view.

Part 4

Do your parents think you don't "apply" yourself? Why?