יום חמישי, 29 באוקטובר 2009

Days 3,4
Part One
Translate the following words and expressions:
Score pretty big
The way the things fell out
End up
Give somebody a hard time
Step forward
To take credit for something
Cash in on something
Totem pole
Pick on

Part Two
Answer the questions:

How did Greg end up sitting with Alex Aruda?
What is Greg's name theory?
Who was the only exception to this rule?
Why did this kid give up the Smartest Kid title?
Who's Manny?
What were Greg's expectations about Manny?
Why was he disappointed?
What is the only good thing about having a little brother?
What's "Bubby"?
What are the rules of the Cheese Touch?

Part Three
1. What's Cooties?
2. What does a smart person look like (in your opinion)?
3. Why are parents often overprotective of the youngest child in the family?

Part Four

1. Describe any silly game that you used to play in school.